Google TV is Planning to Add Free, Ad-Supported Live TV Channels

Google is planning to add free TV channels to it’s Google TV platform in the coming days. Google TV is an Android based smart TV platform that runs on the Chromecast and select the smartTVs from TCL, Sony and many more. Google TV supports many streaming apps like Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix and many more.
According to some reports the free streaming channels could launch on Google TV in this fall or alongside its smart TV partners in 2022. With this addition, the owners of Chromecast will be able to browse the channels through dedicated Live TV menu. This menu is offering paid TV services like YouTube TV subscription service at the moment. The new free TV channels will be offered alongside these subscription-based live channels. These channels may have the look of any traditional and linear TV networks. Roku and Amazon have also followed Samsung’s footsteps to introduce live channels on their devices. Roku has added more than 200 free channels on their devices to its platform. Most of the today’s smart TV makers add free streaming channels as well as live TV easily.

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