Amazon Kindle devices to receive major update, will get new UI and navigation buttons

Amazon is going to introduce a new interface for Kindle devices which will offer a more intuitive and easy Kindle reading experience. The new interface will come up with software updates which are expected to come out next week. According to some reports, Amazon is rolling out the new interface in two of the major updates.
The first update will bring the smartphone-like navigation bar to readers of Amazon Kindle e-book. Navigation bar will make it very easy to move through the interface. The readers can get quick toggles when the users swipe down from the top. These toggles will be equipped with the controls for changing the brightness as well as toggling Airplane Mode. When you will swipe from the bottom of the device more shortcuts will be provided like Library pages and quick access to Home. The other update will focus on enhancing the eBook pages. There is a minor update to Home which will bring the readers up to 20 recently opened books but the Library tab is also set to get the new filters, a scrollbar and a new collections view. These newly added features will help you to make finding the right book instantly and easily.

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