Apple Watch to be equipped with more health tracking features in the future

Apple Watch may come up with numerous health tracking features and some of them may launch in 2022. Apple is also planning to add some new features like temperature, blood pressure measurement, blood sugar monitoring to the watch. But it must be kept in mind that many of the features may not make their way to the products.
The feature which we may see in 2022 are fertility tracking which will look into body temperature and enhancements to Apple’s irregular heartbeat monitoring. It may also include an upgrade to Watch track sleep patterns. According to some reports the blood pressure feature could be part of a separate device. Apple is also planning to expand Watch’s sleep as well as blood oxygen tracking abilities to let it detect sleep apnea which is a condition that causes people to stop breathing during sleep. The newer Apple Watch Series 7 may come up with bigger display and it is reported that it will have a 41mm and 45mm display size.

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