WhatsApp will introduce new disappearing chats feature soon

WhatsApp is working on the disappearing chats feature. The disappearing message mode will be available for both private and group chats on WhatsApp. This is an expansion to the existing disappearing messages feature.
The disappearing chat feature will convert the new chat threads to ephemeral chat automatically. You can find it in Privacy Settings. Once it is enabled all the messages in new chat or group will disappear after a short period of time. If one wants that their messages should be deleted then they have to keep this feature enabled in new chat. This new feature will be available in WhatsApp beta version. Android users will first taste this feature. At the moment WhatsApp has got Disappearing and View Once features. The later one allows you to send a photo which will disappear once the recipient has opened it and left the chat. Users will have to set the disappearing mode for each chat manually.

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