Medical Useful Information

Medical Useful Information, Medical fitness Are:

Blood pressure

120/80 – Normal

130/85 – Normal (Control)

140/90 – More then normal

150/95 – too much)


72 minutes (standard)

60 — 80 p.m. (Normal)

40 – 180 p.m. (Not normal)


98.4 F (normal)

More than 99.0 F (fever)

Blood Group

What blood group is the percentage of people?

O + 1 in 3 37.4%       (Common to most people)

A + 1 in 3 35.7%

B + 1 in 12 8.5%

AB + 1 in 29 3.4%

O- 1 in 15 6.6%

A- 1 in 16 6.3%

B- 1 in 67 1.5%

AB-1 in 167.6%     (In very few people)

Which blood groups can take other blood groups?

O- can take O-

O + can take O +, O-

A- can take A-, O-

A + can take A +, A-, O +, O-

B- can take B-, O-

B + can take B +, B-, O +, O-

AB- can take AB-, B-, A-, O-

AB + can take AB +, AB-, B +, B-, A +, A-, O +, O-

This is a very important message that can benefit someone’s life, save someone’s life.

Effects of water

We know that water is very important but we do not know when water can be useful

Do you know

  A glass of water gives you many benefits during these times

 A glass of water Relaxes your limbs after running

 A glass of water Corrects your digestive system 30 minutes before meals

A glass of water Drinking before going to the washroom lowers your blood pressure

A glass of water Drinking before bed protects you from heart attack.

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