Official Language of Countries

Different language are speak in different Countries. Official Language of Countries are


Language is a structured system for communication. This is the method for communication. The scientific knowledge of language is called linguistics.

  • In Pakistan Urdu is official language
  • India official language is Hindi
  • United States & United Kingdom Languages is English
  • Mandarin Chinese is Chinese language
  • Bangladesh language is Bengali
  • Japanese language is for Japan
  • Philippines speak Filipino
  • Singapore language is Malay, Tamil
  • Sri Lanka people speak Sinhala, Tamil
  • Taiwan speak Mandarin Chinese
  • Tajikistan language is Tajik (Tajik)
  • Thailand language is Thai
  • Turkey speak Turkish
  • Turkmenistan language is Turkmen
  • Uzbekistan language is Uzbek
  • Vietnam country language is Vietnamese
  • Nepali spoken language is in Nepal
  • Mongolia language is Khalkha Mongolian
  • Malaysia language is Malay
  • Lao speaks in Laos country
  • Kyrgyzstan language is Kyrgyz Russian
  • Korean South & North official language is Korean
  • Kazakhstan language is Kazak
  • Israel language is Hebrew, Arabic
  • Iran language is Farsi (Persian)
  • Indonesia language is Bahasa Indonesian
  • Georgian language is speaking in Georgia
  • Cyprus speaks Greek, Turkish
  • Cambodia language is Khmer
  • Burma country speak Burmese language
  • Brunei country language is Malay
  • Bhutan country language is Dzongkhag
  • Azerbaijan language is Azerbaijani
  • Armenia language is Armenian
  • Afghanistan language is  Pushto, Dari

Arabic Official language of Countries

Countries that official Language is Arabic are following

  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • Qatar language
  • Syria language
  • Yemen
  • Oman
  • Lebanon
  • Kuwait
  • Jordan
  • Iraq
  • Bahrain

These Countries official language is Arabic most of these countries are Islamic

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