YouTube’s Latest Experiment – Exploring AI-Powered Conversations and Comment Summaries


YouTube has announced that it is testing new AI features! For those paying for a premium YouTube package, there’s a great chat feature that uses AI to answer questions about videos and suggest other things to watch. Also test summary of what everyone is talking about in the comments. Check it out at if you want.

The chat feature uses a big computer brain to give you intelligent answers about what you’re watching. You can ask him anything or get ideas for other videos. The cool thing is that you can do all this while the video is playing, so you won’t experience any freezes. Chat is only available on US and Android phones. If you’re a YouTube Premium user, you can check it out today, but not all videos are available yet. It’s only available to some people right now, but more people will get it soon if they want it.

AI is also used to summarize comments. It detects what people are saying in the comments and gives you a quick version. This allows video users to know what fans are talking about without having to read everything. And you can even get ideas for new videos based on what people are saying. Summaries are only created in comments that are visible to everyone, not in individual comments. YouTube tries to make sure these features work. Testing it out for a while and seeing what people think. They also ask people to tell them directly what they think of the new features.

YouTube is always trying new things with computers. They’ve used AI to advertise, create music, and even help creators. They want to make sure it’s right, so they start small and get feedback from people.

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