TikTok’s New Deal with DistroKid Empowers Independent Artists Worldwide


A new deal between TikTok and music service DistroKid means more musicians can now share their music on TikTok Music. It’s a streaming service where people pay to listen to music. The deal will allow musicians to host their songs on a video editing app called CapCut, which has about 490 million users on iPhone and Android devices.

Big music companies like Universal Music Group and Sony Music already use TikTok Music, and now DistroKid too. DistroKid CEO Philip Kaplan says TikTok is a great place for people to discover new music. This new offering means more musicians will be able to share their music in more places, and as TikTok music becomes available in more countries, more people will be able to hear it. DistroKid started working with TikTok in 2019 to help new artists get their music on the app. With DistroKid, you pay when your TikTok video includes music. DistroKid forwards all monies to the artist, excluding fees and bank charges. They didn’t say exactly how much money TikTok artists made.

DistroKid also helps musicians sell their songs on many other apps like Spotify and Apple Music. Their music is now also available in TikTok’s commercial music library, which brands can use in their ads. This library was previously only available to select artists, but is now available to all DistroKid artists. Many musicians use DistroKid because it helps their music in many ways. Recently, DistroKid has a website builder called Bandzoogle that allows musicians to sell their albums online. The new partnership between TikTok and DistroKid comes shortly after TikTok partnered with Tickets.com to sell tickets to music events.

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