The Rise and Fall of BeReal: What’s Behind the Decline of the Candid Photo App?


BeReal, a very popular social media app was buzzing with excitement one year ago as more than 20 million people attracted to this app and posted candid photos on daily basis. However reposts are that its popularity has declined a bit thougn it has introduced some new features like messaging, increased photo posting and Friends of Friends discovery feed. On the other hand, BeReal disagrees with the report from SimilarWeb and claims that it is still on the rise and growing at fast pace.

According to a data from SImilarWeb, the monthly active users of BeReal has decreased from 3.7million users in November 2022 to 3million in August 2023. BeReal has reservations on the numbers but they have not come up with their own market numbers. On the global scale the usage of BeReal has also declined and the users have decreased from 20million to 16.06 million. However, in France the usage of BeReal has increased, it has now 615,000 monthly active users on Android. BeReal has said that it has more than 25 million active users globally and has emphasized that the 3rd-party reports are only the estimates and its internal data is more precise.

BeReal was first introduced in December 2019 and it was an instant hit through word-of-mouth and many interesting features like RealMoji and WidgetMoji. In the year 2022 it gained immense popularity. However, the concept of BeReal of sharing random moments did not always compete with curated content on different platforms like Instagram. Users have often staged their BeReal moments or waited for some activities that they want to share. BeReal has now some new competitors like Threads and BeFake, an app for generative AI photos.

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