ChatGPT’s Internet Superpower – Real-Time Info Access Unleashed


OpenAI has recently come up with an exciting news about ChatGPT on X platform which was previously known as Twitter. They have come up with the news that ChatGPT has now been equipped with a new superpower and it can now use internet for finding the information in real-time. It is a huge news as previously ChatGPT was only able to use the information which was available till September 2021.

So, the question is how ChatGPT do this? It is just like having a superhero power under your belt. It has joined hand with Microsoft’s Bing search engine which will help you answer all your questions. Whenever you ask anything from ChatGPT, it talks to Bing and then Bing finds the answers from internet. The answers are then used by ChatGPT to give you the response. At the moment this update is only available for the ones who are using the fancy ‘Plus’ and ‘Enterprise’ plans of ChatGPT. But you need not to worry as they are planning to share it with everyone soon. OpenAI has not conformed it yet that when exactly it will be available for everyone. Before this update, ChatGPT had a little issue as it could come up with the information until September 2021. That means if you have asked about something after Sep 2021, it was like ChatGPT becomes limited. Many users found it frustrating especially if they needed to know about the recent events.

Here’s another intriguing tidbit, though. There are rumors circulating that OpenAI may sell some of its shares, particularly in the Wall Street Journal. If they succeed, OpenAI could be worth a staggering $90 billion, which would be a threefold increase over their value as of January. The impressive work being done by OpenAI is the reason for what appears to be a significant jump. And you might be curious as to why ChatGPT can now use Bing. Well, Microsoft deserves credit for that. They control 49% of OpenAI, making them the bigger brother. Microsoft is investing a sizable sum of money in this collaboration, and they have ambitious plans. This year, they want to earn $1 billion in revenue, and they have even loftier goals for succeeding years.

So, in a nutshell, Microsoft’s support has enabled ChatGPT to become supercharged with internet capabilities. Who knows what amazing things ChatGPT will help us learn about next as OpenAI makes significant strides?

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