YouTube’s New Glow-Up – Subscribe Button Magic and More

YouTube subscribe button

YouTube is experimenting on a new feature to make it simple for its users to subscribe to your favorite channels. The developers behind YouTube are testing on a function that will illuminate ‘Subscribe’ button whenever subscribe word is used in a video. It is a unique concept since sometimes when the content creators ask its users to subscribe, we might not notice it while watching the video. Now when you are watching a video on YouTube and when the video maker says “If you like my content, don’t forget to subscribe, the ‘Subscribe’ button will glow on the screen.

There are many different videos on the platform that are being subjected to this test; it isn’t just for a select group of fortunate creators. This procedure is entirely automatic thanks to YouTube, so no special action is required. However, YouTube is currently doing more than just that. Additional cool features are also something they’re debating adding. For instance, they are developing a method of finding songs by humming or singing a portion of the melody. Soon, you might be able to just hum or sing it, and YouTube will help you find it. For fans of music, this could change everything.

The “Skip Ads” button is also getting a makeover on YouTube. That button you click when you don’t want to see advertisements before your video now has a fresh new look. It will be less substantial than before, and “ads” won’t be capitalized any longer. The button will also have a unique design with angled borders and smaller letters. YouTube is demonstrating its concern for your viewing experience with the glowing “Subscribe” button, the “Hum to Search” function, and the redesigned “Skip Ads” button. The YouTube app may soon undergo these changes, so keep an eye out for them

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