Google’s New SafeSearch Feature – Keeping the Internet Safe and Family-Friendly

Google SafeSearch feature

Google is going to roll out a new feature known as SafeSearch. This feature blurs any explicit or harmful images automatically when you use Google to search for different things. Google has told about this change way back in February and now is it open for everyone to use.

The main purpose of this feature is to keep people as well as their families safe from seeing some explicit things that they should not see while searching online. If you have not turned on SafeSearch, it will now be turned on by default. So if you search something and there is an explicit image in the results, Google will turn it blurry so that you can not see the details. Explicit content includes things like violence and sexual images etc. When SafeSearch becomes default setting, Google will send you message to tell you that it is turned on. If you come across an explicit content and you still want to see it, you can click on a button that ‘view image’. If you want to change SafeSearch settings or turn it off completely then there is another button that says ‘manage setting’ that you need to click.

It is important to know that SafeSearch works only while using Google to search for things. If you are searching the content from other search engine or you go directly to a website then the explicit content won’t be blocked. The SafeSearch initiative was first introduced by Google in August 2021, but only for logged-in users who are under the age of 18. This took place at the same time that Congress was requesting information from Google and other tech firms regarding the potential impact their services might have on children.

This modification is one of many that Google has recently made to aid you in maintaining control over your privacy, personal data, and online security. Search results that are about you are now simpler for you to locate and delete. Additionally, they modified their policies regarding explicit personal images to ensure that they no longer appear in search results. Google is therefore working to make the internet a more secure and private place for all of us.

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