Communication Factor in Freelancing

Important factor of communication in freelancing

  • Selection of words.
  • Message
  • Stay connected.
  • Conciseness.

Impact of speed of Response (ASAP)

  • Respond as soon as getting a business lead.
  • Respond upon getting a message/ invitation.

“Thanks for your message I will revert back to you as soon as possible.”

Behavior Importance

  • be accountable.
  • Money.
  • be disciplined.
  • manage your time.
  • Know your worth.

Pricing yourself

  • Trust yourself.
  • know market place price roughly.
  • charge on the employer’s urgency and your efficiency.
  • Don’t sell yourself cheap.

Calculate hours

Project = 100$

Total time = 10 hours.

Hr/Price= 100/10=10$ hr.

Fixed price is good than per hours prices.

Time management

  • Time is money.
  • Complete project on time.
  • Time management is important.

Work Balance life

  • Stay Healthy.
  • Remain Social.
  • Do not over commit.

Calculate project time.

Determine Price.

Project deadline.

Fake and original projects

  • Verify customer Account.
  • Paid already on any project.
  • bidding on the right project.
  • payment method verified.

Asked Questions

        Ask some question/ not more.

        Ask question related to project.

Profession Response

  • Time management.
  • Ask a related question.
  • Delivers on-time project.
  • respectful.
  • Courteous.
  • stay to point.
  • professional experience.
  • about your work
  • start with good words and also end with it.

Response of PMB

  • Greeting (Thank you for your response)
  • Appreciate this gesture.
  • Response questions.

Contact info

Give information in bid but not n PMP for getting US member.

Premium Bids

  • It is good to Bid premium.
  • Premium Bid may charge you.
  • It takes 3 bids.

Low vs high price project

  • Bid on a high price project.
  • The high price is best.

Paid vs nonpaid

  • The paid profile is good.
  • In a paid profile, you have more bids and more profile option like adding skills etc

Communication in freelancing

Pross of freelancer.

  • Any location.
  • Optimism.
  • Recession-proof
  • Entrepreneurs.

Cons of freelancer.

  • Pessimism (balance in work)
  • Freelancing may not emphasis on metaphor.
  • Low productivity (Not good In skill)
  • Batter rewords.
  • Health security issuers.
  • Stability.
  • Economic ups and downs.

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