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Effective Bid factor

  1. Response starts with a greeting.
  2. Summarize project description
  3. Skill introduced.
  4. Portfolio present
  5. Magic trick up your sleeves
  6. Video creation
  7. Closing of bid


  1. Greeting (hi, Hello)
  2. Project surmise

(Write Description of Project in your own words)

  • Skill introducing, yourself
  • skill
  • experience
  • industry.
  • Portfolio
  • Give link website portfolio.
  • Sometime give full/half portfolio.
  • Magic trick up your sleeves.
  • PMB (Private Massage Box)
  • Give free sample work. Free of cost sample work.
  • Ask question to client
  • Ask question to client that is about project in bids proposal/ description.
  • Video

Create 0: 40 to 1: 30-minute video related to project, Upload on YouTube channel as Private and Send / type link in biding.

  • Close project.
  • close project with regards.
  • Contact info
  • Greeting.

Time to bid

  • Bid before 15 mint of project post.
  • Bit on project which has 20
  • In Pakistan 8pm to 2am time bit is best.
  • 8am to 10am Pakistan Time or early morning time bit on project.
  • Almost response come with in 30 minutes of project.

Biding on project

  • Ask questioning.
  • Offer something.
  • Contact information.
  • Portfolio information.
  • 50% off offer on previous client.
  • Crate your excel sheet of your all client detail.
  • Bit time (day time of client/early project time)
  • Self-confidence.

Three necessary things

  • Strong profile.
  • Portfolio is good.
  • Project feedback.

Importance in profile

  • Skill test (paid)
  • Certification.

 Freelancer time tracking.

Due time tracker.

Top tracker.

Cloud software

Use Cloud Software for

      Data storage.

      Remote access.    

Gmail and drop box/one driver etc are cloud software.

Management software

     Use management software to manage team in project.

        Search on google to find management software.

              Bitrix 24 (best)


      When you have more project, work find nearest peoples of yours.

       Work with team that are belong to your city.

      In 5km radius to your office.

       Equal gender. 

       Check Skill set.

       Take Small test.

These Are all Important thing in Effective Bid factor

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